Ooty Literary Festival

September 15 & 16, 2017. Be there!!!

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In the autumn of 2015, Yash Muthanna came up with the idea of starting a literary festival in the salubrious hills of the Nilgiris. Surprised at the fact that no one else(including herself!) had thought of such an obvious idea before, she set about forming a trust with willing trustees who also wanted to put Ooty on the national (and maybe international) literary festival map.

With so many schools (residential and day) in the entire Nilgiri district, books have always been a large part of every student’s life. And with so many remote and not-so-remote tea estates all across the district, reading has always been a large part of one’s life on the plantations too. Curling up with an engrossing book with a cup of piping hot Orange Pekoe tea before a blazing fire place with the South-West monsoon raging outside, is a pleasure beyond compare!

And where would all these books be sourced from? The charming Nilgiri Library of course. And hence, which better place to hold a literary festival than right there; a charming, well-maintained and well-stocked library, which has been a source of books for the residents across the entire Nilgiri District since 1869. It is one of the oldest public libraries in India, housed in a Victorian building with Gothic style architecture in the heart of the town; a truly apt venue for a Literary Festival!

About Us

The people behind the Ooty Literary Festival (OLF) are Geetha Srinivasan (Managing Trustee), Yash Muthanna (Trustee),Gerard Pinto (Trustee) and Greaves Henriksen (Convener). Sub - Committee members are Shernaz Sethna , Meenakshi Venkatraman , Jaya Bakshi and Dr Sheela Nambiar.
Advisor: Jerry Pinto

Jerry Pinto is a Mumbai-based writer of poetry, prose, non-fiction and children's fiction, as well as a journalist and lecturer. Some of his books are: Surviving Women. Penguin Books, Asylum and Other Poems. Allied Publishers India, Helen: The Life and Times of An H-Bomb. Penguin Books India, Biography, Reflected in Water: Writings on Goa. Penguin Group, Leela: A Patchwork Life with Leela Naidu. Penguin Group, Em and the Big Hoom. Aleph Book Company, Phiss Phuss Boom, with Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu. Duckbill, A Bear for Felicia, Puffin India and many more.

Awards: National Film Award for Best Book on Cinema for Helen: The Life and Times of an H-Bomb, The Hindu Literary Prize winner for Em and the Big Hoom, Crossword Book Award (fiction) for Em and the Big Hoom and the Windham–Campbell Literature Prize (Fiction) at Yale University in 2016.


Jerry Pinto


Neerja Malik

Vithal Rajan

Ashima Narain

Minnie Tensingh

Bama (Faustina)

Ravi Singh

Geeta Dharmarajan

Mini Krishnan

Chirodeep Chaudhuri

Sameera Khan

Urmila Pawar

Samhita Arni


Gopalkrishna Gandhi

Tara Gandhi




Ms.Geetha Srinivasan

Managing Trustee

Ms.Yash Muthanna


Mr.Gerard Pinto


Mr.Greaves Henriksen


Sub Committee Members

Dr.Meenakshi Venkataraman

Dr. Sheela. Nambiar MD

Ms.Jaya Bakshi

Ms.Shernaz H.Sethna


School Programme

Good Shepherd International School, Ooty to Host the Children’s Segment of the Ooty Lit Fest

Good Shepherd International School (GSIS) is run along the lines of the best schools in the world´s educational practices. It provides a cutting edge academic programme with state-of-the art infrastructure and facilities for not just the gifted, but also for any upwardly mobile Asian student from about 40 countries of the world. Here, students acquire an excellent education in a rich International context, grow up rooted in our core values and graduate to take on the changing world´s challenging demands, as they pursue higher studies in top universities in India and worldwide. This is what sets the school apart in the growing milieu of international schools.

Sri Shanthi Vijai Girl's Higher Secondary School, Ooty to Host the Children’s Segment of the Ooty Lit Fest

Sri Shanthi Vijai School, the pioneer in girls education is administered and managed by Sri Shanthi Vijai Educational Trust Jain Schools Association with able administrators and philanthropists. This renowned institution which was started in the year 1928 shows its own commitment to the cause of education through selfless service, keeping in pace with new technology, methods of teaching and modern infrastructure. Its motto is to educate, elevate and emulate high ideals. The prime vision of the school is to make every individual a good human being with good conduct and ethical values and also to inculcate leadership qualities and instill confidence in them to face the challenges of life.

Places to visit

Pykara Falls
Shooting Spot
Pykara Lake
Kodanad View Point
Kallatty Falls
Botanical Gardens

Places to stay

Taj Savoy Ooty


Gem Park Ooty


Sullivan Court, Ooty


King Cliff, Ooty


Sherlock, Ooty




“Akasha” 15/24 Plains View ,
Tiger Hill, Coonoor,
The Nilgiris 643 101.

+91 9443058866


Contact Name : Greaves Henriksen (Convener)

Ooty Literary Festival - OLF